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Tip: Don't Forget to Intercept These Keystrokes

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Steve Sarre


You can set up an AutoKeys macro to perform an Access action or execute a custom function. The Access online help shows the large number of keyboard shortcuts that are available. You may wish to intercept or handle some of these by masking them with an AutoKeys entry.


It's common to prevent access to the (usually hidden) database container window by substituting a message box if the user presses F11. However, here are some other important but easily overlooked shortcuts that might be worth masking:


Alt-F1          Bring the Database window to the front. 

Shift-F7          Open the Replace dialog box. 

F12          Open the Save As dialog box. 

Alt-F2           Open the Save As dialog box. 

Ctrl-H          Replace. 

Ctrl-S          Save form


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