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Tip: Easily Display Properties

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Stephen Sarre          
When debugging code, I often want to be able to check out all the properties of current objects. When in step mode, I can enter something like this:

? rec.fields(inti).Name

? rec.fields(inti).Value

? rec.fields(inti).Type

I do this so often that I find it more convenient to use a utility function like the one shown below. (The Access 2.0 version is shown. The Access 95 and 97 versions could use the For Each prp In pfld.Properties construct.)

Function SISDebugPrintFieldProperties (pfld As Field) As Integer


Dim intProperty As Integer

Dim intPropertyCount As Integer

Dim prp As Property

Dim varValue As Variant


On Error GoTo SISDebugPrintFieldProperties_Err


   intPropertyCount =

   For intProperty = 0 To intPropertyCount - 1

       Set prp =

       On Error Resume Next

       varValue = prp.value

       Select Case Err

         Case 0

         Case 3219

           varValue = "Invalid operation"

         Case Else

           MsgBox "Unexpected case err" & Err & _

             Error & _

             " in SISDebugPrintFieldProperties"

       End Select

       On Error GoTo SISDebugFieldProperties_Err

       Debug.Print, varValue

   Next intProperty


   SISDebugPrintFieldProperties = True



   Exit Function



   MsgBox Error & CStr(Err)

   Resume SISDebugPrintFieldProperties_Done

End Function

You can just enter the following code to display all the properties for a field:

? SISDebugPrintFieldProperties(rec.fields(inti))