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Tip: Type Code Quicker

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Mike Gunderloy          
If you've used Access 97, you've run across the "Auto List Members" feature in your Visual Basic code. When you type an object name followed by a period, for example, the editor shows you a list of valid methods and properties for that object in a scrolling list. You can select the method or property you want by typing a few letters, then pressing the spacebar. (If this doesn't happen on your computer, check the "Auto List Members" box on the Module tab of the Tools, Options dialog box.) But did you know that you can use this same feature to fill in the names of variables and objects? If you type the first few letters of a variable name, and then press Ctrl-Space, the code editor will automatically fill in the rest of the variable name. If there's more than one variable in scope that starts with those letters, you'll get a members list to let you choose the one you want.