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Tip: Growing Lines

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Militaru Sorin          
In a tabular report that displays each record as a row of fields, setting the properties CanGrow = True and BorderStyle = Normal for graphic elements like lines doesn't always work the way you want. In the Detail section, however, without BorderStyle = Normal, vertical lines might disappear.
Here's a subroutine to solve this problem. This procedure has to be called on the OnPrint event for the report's Detail section using CreateVerticalLines(Me):

Sub CreateVerticalLines (rptCurrent As Report)


Dim intMaxHeight As Integer

Dim intControlsNo As Integer

Dim intCnter As Integer


intMaxHeight = 0


' Determine max height of text boxes in Detail Section

intControlsNo = rptCurrent.Count

For intCnter = 0 To intControlsNo - 1

 If rptCurrent(intCnter).Section = 0 Then

  If TypeOf rptCurrent(intCnter) Is TextBox Then

    If rptCurrent(intCnter).Height > intMaxHeight Then

        intMaxHeight = rptCurrent(intCnter).Height

    End If

  End If

 End If

Next intCnter


' Drawing first line

rptCurrent.Line (0, 0)-Step(0, intMaxHeight)


' Drawing the lines from right side of controls

For intCounter = 0 To intControlsNo - 1

    If rptCurrent(intCounter).Section = 0 Then

       If TypeOf rptCurrent(intCounter) Is TextBox Then

           rptCurrent.Line (rptCurrent(intCounter).left _ 

             + rptCurrent(intCounter).width, 0)-Step(0, _


        End If

    End If

Next intCounter


End Sub