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  Scatterplots or XY Graphs  Using Access  

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One of the hardest graphs to setup in an Access database is the scatterplot.  This is principally because the graph object requires data in a different format than a normal graph.   Rather than describing all the ins and outs of setting up a scatterplot, you can open this database and look at the example.  If this is the sort of example that you are looking for, import the form into your database and change the data source behind the form to suit your data.

Your Sample Database is here



Question From A Reader


My client wants to show two series of data on the same graph. He has printed report examples of it being done. I am trying to find out how. The MS Access Graph help is as follows

An xy (scatter) chart either shows the relationships among the numeric values in several data series or plots two groups of numbers as one series of xy coordinates. It shows uneven intervals — or clusters — of data and is commonly used for scientific data.

When you arrange your data, place x values in one row or column, and then enter corresponding y values in the adjacent rows or columns.


The query for this graph is SELECT MapDataSmall.East, MapDataSmall.North FROM MapDataSmall;


What happens if you want to show 2 elements verses say time

You have to organize your query so the First Axis selects the Time and the results for those times follow.  ie Time Column 1, Blue Column 2 and Green Column three



Practice In Excel


If you ever want to do a chart in Access, its usually better to practice in Excel because if you cannot get the layout you want in Excel, you are going to waste a lot more time trying to get it to work in Access


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