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Applying Multiple Conditional Formats

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This article applies to Access 2010 and above.


In the article Listing Conditional Formats, I discuss how you could extract conditional formats. This helps you document complex condtional formats. This article shows you how you could apply the format consistently to multiple cells. An example of this is shown in Figure 1 where I apply the same conditional format equations on 3 different date fields (shown in Figure 2).


Figure 1 - Identical conditional formats applied to 3 fields


Figure 2 - The identical formats


The way you do this is obvious when you have done it but if you haven't, it is easy to miss this trick.


Open the form in design view
Choose the Format Ribbon as in Figure 3
Hold the shift key down whilst you select the 3 fields that you want to apply the identical conditions to
Now click on the Condition Format button on the Ribbon


Right click doesn't allow you to do and neither does Access 2007.


Now you can apply the Conditions across all the selected fields at once.


Figure 3 - Applying conditional formats across multiple fields at the same time in Access 2010



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