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Popup Notification

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Something happens in you database and you want to tell the user. The obvious thing is to throw up a msgbox. In this case the user has to stop, think about pressing OK or Cancel or Yes or No or just hitting carriage return.  If they are in the middle of data entry, the message box will disapear in a flash and the user may no know it was there.

Think about those email notification  (or Java version 2334 is ready) messages that appear in the corner. You can look at them or ignore them and eventually they go away. They are not so intrusive.

In this piece you can download a simple form that will float in your database window and after 10 seconds, disappear. Just like in Figure 1.



Figure 1 - a popup form


The code to open this form is very simple


  quickAdvice_FX "Hello World"


In the database you will find a form to open the sample, the z_QuickAdvice form and a public module with a few lines of code. That's all you need for some quick advice so download the sample file here. Its your job to find a decent picture to appear in the screen, I doubt Jimmy Hendrix is everyone's favorite..


Side Notes


When editing a popup form such as z_quickAdvice, you will need to work in overlapping windows as show in figure 2. When you have finished editing the form, you can revert back to Tabbed documents. You need to do this or the popup form will suddenly become full screen size.