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Why are Backups so small ?

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I have a web app with a a few forms and some tables of data.  I save the app and it makes a very small file 151k even though its supposed to include data.  If I look in the  .app file in notepad, it has the xml expression <ContainsExportedData>false</ContainsExportedData>


Do the app files actually have all the data and forms or is it somehow stored in the cloud ?  If its stored in the cloud, is this .app file a true backup or not.  If Microsoft shutdown my 365 site, could I recover the file and the data.


All I really want to understand the basic mechanics of App packages as they are the stated way of backing up a Web App.




Garry Robinson





What is happening is that the App is compressed like a .xlsx file or .docx file.


To illustrate this, I uploaded 4 tables into a Web App from a accdb database that was 250 megs in size.  Downloaded from the Web App it was

18 megs (ie 1/11 size).  Then I deleted the app in sharepoint and upload the app to a different sub site and all the data was there..


If I send the original accdb to a compressed folder (ie zip) it is 38 megs in size.  So the .app file has twice the compression as windows explorer zip. Pretty good compression.  This would indicate you could have a 1.5 gig access desktop equivalent online and still have an app that was less than 100 megs.  This will not bother many people.




Jeff Conrad from Book on Access Web Apps Said


The app package we create is mostly the same type of app package used for SharePoint app packages. Access only just adds a few things to the app package, but in general terms it is just the SharePoint app packaging framework. I talked with one of the Devs and he said there are many things about the app package that Access just ignores because they don’t pertain to us.


Ben Clothier  - Book Author Professional Access 2013 Programming   Said


When stored on Office365, the .app file is limited to 100 MB (June 2014). For that reason, in our book we mention the alternative is to create a backup of the .app without the data, then do a data-only backup via SSMS.  Garrys' comment on that is make sure you test your SSMS recovery.


Kevin Bell Said "Since Access 2013 web apps are limited to 1GB I would make the assumption that an Access database would need to be 500MB or less to have a chance at importing.  There is no way (at least that I know of) to get the size of your database, but we now give you a warning when you hit 70% or 700MB of usage."