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Demonstration of a 2013 Access Web App

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Here are a number of pictures of an Access Web App we are running on Office 365's This is all custom made software. The data this app helps us collect is available thru readonly ODBC links to our desktop Access database. 7 People are using this database from time to time. No one is ever in the same office.


Here is the startup screen. What you see depends on your login details.


vbpro1  OR vbpro1a



If Scott clicks on See Your projects, he sees the projects he is working on currently




Now there are a number of different project related data types, Timesheets, Tasks and Expenses. In the following figure, Scott has clicked on task which brings up a detailed view of the task which you can edit.





This Access Web App runs fast and can be easily used on PC's and Ipads and big android devices.