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Smart Access Article Abstracts



Bronze Collection





Web-Enabled Apps with the Internet Database Connector

Richard Knudson





One of the best applications of Internet technology is the ability to make your databases available to anybody with a web


browser. Richard shows you how to do this with Access databases using Microsoft’s Internet Database Connector, which is part


of the I


Editorial for October 1996 Issue

Paul Litwin





A Change of Heart: Paul embraces the Internet with enthusiasm as he discusses this month's articles.


Microsoft's Internet Strategy Update

Richard Knudson





Sidebar to "Web-Enabled Apps with the Internet Database Connector". Discusses Microsoft's Internet strategy.


Tip: Use With Construct to Streamline Your Code

Helen Feddema



Smart Tip


Access 95 introduced the VBA With...End With construct, which lets you simplify repeated references to an object.


Developing Applications in a Dual Platform World

Mike Gilbert





Are you faced with developing and supporting applications written in both Access 2.0 and Access 95? If so, you’re not alone.


Many organizations are moving very slowly to Windows 95 or Windows NT, making it difficult to introduce new, 32-bit




Tip: Update and Append Records from One Query

Alan Biggs



Smart Tip


Did you know that you could use an update query in Access to both update and add records at the same time?


Synchronize Databases using Access 2.0 or 95

Steve White





Access 95 includes built-in support for replication, but Access 2.0 lacks these capabilities. Steve has created a mechanism for


synchronizing changes and additions to data in one database with a remote database containing the same table set that will




Several Secrets of Good Form

Ken Getz



Access Answers


This month, Ken takes on four: working with multi-paged forms, creating command buttons with both images and text, and


animating controls on forms. All examples work equally well in Access 2 and in Access 95 -- the 16-bit demonstration database


is QA96101


Building Criteria the Easy Way

Helen Feddema



Smart Tip


If you've ever struggled to remember the cryptic syntax for dates so you could create an expression for a form's Filter property


or a SQL statement, you'll love the BuildCriteria method, which was introduced in Access 95.


Is Your Application Already Running?

Michael Kaplan



Smart Tip


At times you may need to keep users from opening more than one copy of your application.


Roll the Credits!

Ken Getz



Smart Tip


Although Access 95 has been out for almost a year, Microsoft has been very circumspect about releasing the steps necessary to


find the product’s "Easter Egg" the credits screen that you’ll find in most Microsoft products. Here it is, as well as the Access


Access World News for October 1996 Issue

Paul Litwin



Access World News


Softbite International's training classes; Sybex's Access and SQL Server Developer's Handbook by Viescas, Gunderloy, and


Chipman; Aufrance Associates's Survey Internet; Azalea Software's carrick.


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Workbench for Access

Access To SQL Upsizer

FMS Software