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Publish on the Web with Access 97

Michael Kaplan





In this preview of Access 97, the authors explore the new Publish to the Web wizard, which makes it easy to integrate database


applications with the Internet or an intranet. Using the new wizard, you can publish the data in a table, query, form, or report












Editorial for November 1996 Issue

Paul Litwin





More news on Access 97.


It's in the Mail

Peter Vogel





Using e-mail from within Access can solve a lot of problems quickly and easily. Peter shows you how, with techniques that work


with everything from Access 2.0 macros to the Mail API and the MAPI OCX in Access 95.


Upsize Your MDB to SQL Server the Smart Way

Karen Watterson





If you’ve written an Access or VB app that uses an MDB database, there’s a good chance you’ll eventually want to move that


database to SQL Server. Whether you’re an Access or VB developer or a SQL Server DBA, you may as well prepare yourself for


the inevi


Make Managing Help Text a Snap

H. Stephen Reinheimer





Access provides no way to maintain user assistance text across your application. New author Stephen Reinheimer has created a


utility to assist you in managing help information in your Access forms. You can add or modify forms’ context-sensitive IDs and st


Minimizing Access, Handling Leap Years, and Disabling System Keystrokes

Ken Getz



Access Answers


This month, Ken goes head-to-head with three questions: minimizing Access when minimizing the application form,


determining if a given year is a leap year, and disabling system keystrokes. The first two examples work equally well in Access


2 and Access 95


Enclose CanShrink/CanGrow Text Boxes in a Rectangle

Steve White



Smart Tip


I often enclose one or more text boxes or labels in a report inside a rectangle. However, this isn’t so simple if you have text


boxes that grow and shrink according to the text they contain.



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