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Smart Access Article Abstracts



Bronze Collection





Partial Replication with Jet 3.5

Michael Kaplan & Lynn Shanklin





Partial Replication, one of the most heavily requested enhancements to Microsoft Jet replication, is now fully supported by Jet


3.5. However, even with a wizard from Microsoft it can still be hard to properly implement. Lynn and Michael discuss the basics












Editorial for December 1996 Issue

Paul Litwin





Will we ever be able to move beyond the aging Access 2.0? Until recently, I wasn’t so sure of the answer, but after working


with various pre-release versions of Access 97 for several months now, I’m convinced that Access 97 will be a big seller.


Module Objects in Access 97

Mary Chipman





Beginning with the introduction of Wizards in Access 1.0, Access has been a pioneer of application extensibility. Access 97 adds


significant new capabilities in this area by providing an object model for the source code of your applications. In this artic


Office 97’s FileSearch Object: Find Files in a Flash

Ken Getz





Access 97 introduces a number of new objects, some internal and some borrowed from Office 97. In this article, Ken discusses


the simplest of the new shared Office programmability features, the FileSearch object. In future articles, he’ll introduce more sh


Disable the F11 Function Key

Paul Litwin



Smart Tip


How to disable the ability of users to escape to the database container window across all versions of Access.


Hyperlink with Access 97

Mike Gilbert





Internet features abound in the latest release of Microsoft’s flagship consumer product, Microsoft Office. Contributing editor


Mike Gilbert takes a look at a piece of the Access Internet puzzle: hyperlinks.


Setting and Retrieving Application Parameters and Checking Disk Space

Ken Getz



Access Answers


This month, Ken goes head-to-head with two questions: how to set and retrieve application parameters and how to retrieve the


amount of free disk space.




Access World News for December 1996 Issue

Paul Litwin



Access World News


Access Monitor Release 7.0 from Creative Sales & Marketing Associates and James E Smith IV Consulting; Total Access


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