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Smart Access Article Abstracts



Bronze Collection





Visual Basic Script and the Access Developer

Ken Lassesen





Visual Basic Script (VBS) is a subset of Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) designed for use in Hyper Text Markup Language


(HTML) files on the Internet and intranets. The commands available in VBS are generally identical to the commands in VBA. Ken




Editorial for January 1997 Issue Moving On Up

Paul Litwin





With the recent flurry of Access 97 articles and editorials, you may be wondering what it takes to make the move to Access 97?


Create White and Yellow Page Directory Reports with Ease

Rick Dobson





The production of white and yellow page directory reports presents several interesting challenges. Rick discusses the techniques


he learned while creating directory reports for a recent client.


Create Your Own Query By Form

F. Scott Barker & Dana Comolli





Using the new Filter By Selection and Filter By Form features built into Access 95 forms, you can now give the user a method for


querying their data that’s a lot more user friendly than Access 2.0. However, there are a number of cases where you’ll want to












Comment on the Why, Not the How!

Paul Litwin



Smart Tip


When you create comments in your code, it's better to document why you've done something a certain way than to document


how you did it.


Synchronize Over the Internet with Access 97

Paul Litwin





Microsoft has added support for Internet-based synchronization to Access 97. In this article, Paul explains how to set up your


Internet server for this exciting new form of synchronization and how to synchronize your replicas over the Internet or your cor


Drag 'n' Drop Editing in the Module Window

Helen Feddema



Smart Tip


In Access 97, you can highlight a text selection in the module window and drag it to a new location, just like in Word--there's no


longer any need to cut and paste using the clipboard!


How to Convert Case and Calculate Total Time

Ken Getz



Access Answers


This month, Ken digs in on two questions: creating a "smart" proper case conversion function and calculating total elapsed time,


given a series of time values. He supplies answers (though they may be different answers) in both Access 2.0 and in Access 95/



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