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Smart Access Article Abstracts



Bronze Collection





When Access Math Doesn't Add Up

Luke Chung





All versions of Access share several quirks that can result in inaccurate mathematical calculations in both code and queries.


Understanding these quirks will help you avoid unnecessary headaches when the numbers you generate don’t match the


mathematically correct values.


Editorial: The More Things Change . . .

Paul Litwin





The More Things Change...: discussion of articles in this issue.


Expand Your Outlook with Access 97

David Shank





This article presents a brief overview of the Outlook object model and demonstrates how to incorporate Outlook objects in your


Access applications.


Managing Discontinued Data

Stu Alderman





Relational databases are well enabled to support the entry of accurate normalized data. Unfortunately, there are few


capabilities in relational databases to assist in removing data as it becomes obsolete. In this article, Stu discussed how to


manage data


Summarizing Data on a Report: When Crosstab Queries Aren’t Enough

Karen Clark & Michael Keller





A typical report based on a crosstab query displays row headings down the left side of the report and column headings across


the top, with only one calculated value at each row and column intersection (such as sales for each customer for each month).


Michael and Karen demonstrate how to create a spreadsheet-like report for data that needs to be summarized over some time interval, with subheadings for the columns, which allow you to summarize more than one value for each row and column intersection (such as sales, payments, and discounts for each customer for each month).














Sorting Arrays of Strings

Ken Getz



Access Answers


This month, Ken goes digs in deep on one question: sorting an array of strings.


I need to be able to sort an array of strings. I can’t believe that Access doesn’t include this functionality! I mean, it certainly knows how to sort things itself. Why can’t it make this available to my code?




Easy Backup of Database Objects

Helen Feddema



Smart Tip


Here is a macro to put into your AutoKeys macro group that lets you easily create multiple copies of a database object, so you


can go back to a former version after making changes to an object.


Preload Objects for Easy Debugging

H. Stephen Reinheimer



Smart Tip


I debug Access Basic and VBA code daily. Access does not provide a complete debugging environment. Often, I want to view


tabledef, querydef, form, or security information. It is not easy to view this information unless I am in the middle of a function or


Using Optional Parameters

Paul Litwin



Smart Tip


Access 95 added support for optional parameters using the Optional keyword. Discussion of how to use them in Access 95 and


Access 97.



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