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Smart Access Article Abstracts



Bronze Collection





Use Classes to Enhance List and Combo Boxes

Jim Ferguson





Access 97’s new support for standard class modules lets you greatly extend the functionality of standard controls. In this article,


Jim shows you how to make Access’s unbound list and combo boxes behave more like those in Visual Basic by adding a few


new methods and properties via a standard class module.


Start Programming with Class

Paul Litwin





Discussion of class modules


Use Access as a Data Warehouse

Peter Vogel





By exploiting most of the features of Access, SQL, and a lot of DAO, Peter's company, Champion Road Machinery, was able to support end user reporting by developing a home-grown


data warehouse driven from an Access data dictionary.


Create a Reusable Wizard-like Interface for Printing Reports

F. Scott Barker





Many reports can benefit from a wizard-like interface for selecting groups to be printed. In this article, Scott demonstrates how


to use a single form to create a common interface for printing reports.


Numeric Overflows, Highlights on Continuous Forms, and Disappearing Ampersands

Ken Getz



Access Answers




Ken recently received a letter from Bob Martin of Icon Computer Publishing in NSW, Australia. Bob asked a number of questions in his letter, and Ken’s going to devote this month's column to Bob's shopping list.




Nulls or Zero Length Strings - Doesn't Matter

Paul Litwin





Even though Access considers them separate values, often developers wish to treat Nulls and zero-length strings (ZLS) as


equivalent for the sake of an If...Then statement or some other stretch of code.


Access World News for March 1997 Issue

Paul Litwin



Access World News


Discussion of places on the Internet that offer Access information or help; Aditi Corp's UpDown upsizing tool; Repetitive Strain Injury: A Computer User's Guide; and Cary Prague Books and Software's TabMasterPro Wizard.





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