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Smart Access Article Abstracts



Bronze Collection





Using Source Code Control with Access 97

Mike Gilbert





Microsoft has added built-in support for source code control to Access 97. Mike explains how this works in Access 97, and how


to go about using this exciting new feature with Access 97, the ODE, and Visual SourceSafe.


Editorial for July 1997 Issue Let Me Introduce Myself

Peter Vogel





Peter introduces himself.


Tip: Wrap API Calls So They'll Work in All Versions of Access

Jeff Kryzer



Smart Tip


When I wrote a database which needed to exist in versions 2.0, 95, and 97, I wrote it to the least common denominator (that


being Access 2.0). In order to reduce bugs and ease the conversion from Access 2.0 to 95 and 97, I write my functions a certain




Tip: Don't Forget to Intercept These Keystrokes

Steve Sarre



Smart Tip


You can set up an AutoKeys macro to perform an Access action or execute a custom function. The Access on-line help shows the


large number of keyboard shortcuts that are available. You may wish to intercept or handle some of these by masking with an




Working SQL: Distinctive SQL

Peter Vogel





Nobody's version of SQL adheres completely to the ANSI standard, and Access's version is no exception. Peter take's a look at


the most obvious addition. Once Peter gets started, though, he ends up walking through some index minefields.














Using an Undocumented Object, Removing the Most Recently Used File

Ken Getz



Access Answers


List, and Other Topics


This month, Ken takes on four questions culled from msnews. (Microsoft's support news groups on the Internet).


First, he digs into the undocumented _AccessProperty object. Then, he takes on a challenge: removing the most recently used


file l


Tip: The Built-In Proper Case Function etc

Paul Litwin



Smart Tip


Microsoft introduced an odd new function called StrConv in the version of VBA that ships with Access 95. This function has some


interesting but not commonly used functionality such as converting strings from ANSI to Unicode (and back) and from one type




Tip: Use StrComp to Make Case-Sensitive Comparisons

Paul Litwin



Smart Tip


Have you ever had the need to make case-sensitive comparisons? In the past when I've had to make case-sensitive


comparisons, I've created a comparison function and placed it in a module that contained an Option Compare Binary statement


in its declarations



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