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Smart Access Article Abstracts



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Using Dynamic External Event Procedures

Shamil Salakhetdinov





Reusable code libraries let you deploy bullet-proof applications. Here's how to create a library of objects (with inheritance) that


you can use to process Form events. All you have to do is use the WithEvents keyword and Access 97 objects.


Career Advice

Peter Vogel





I had a boss once who gave me some good advice. He said that you can do good work or do bad work, and youcan look like


you’re doing good work or doing bad work.


Untangling the Search Strings

Gabriel Moreno





For the most part, building search strings in Microsoft Jet's SQL dialect or Access VBA language is very straightforward.


However, there are several subtleties of these processors that can easily be overlooked.


Keeping up Appearance

Peter Strong





If you spend a lot of your time cutting and pasting code headers and error handlers from procedure to procedure, or if you've


inherited code that simply isn't up to standard, then you'll like the first of two add-ins that Peter Strong has written to help you organize your code.


An Access Project, Part 1: Requirements

David Irvine





In this series of articles, David Irvine walks through the process of creating a complete Access application. While the application


itself is a valuable tool in a developer's toolkit, David will concentrate in each article on using some feature of Microsoft Access.


Undo in Sub Forms and a reusable error handler

Russell Sinclair



Access Answers


In this month's column, Russell looks at implementing undo in form-subform applications and then goes on to demonstrate


some reusable error-handling code that exploits a new feature in Access 97.


Don't Be Bit By Booleans

Gary Warren King





Boolean variables allow you to store the values True and False. If you're not careful, though, you can be surprised what True


and False add up to.

---   Subquery Notes                                                                                                       Peter Vogel
          Peter takes a look at a variety of issues around subqueries -- including those occasions when you shouldn't use a Join.


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