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Smart Access Article Abstracts








Using Context- Sensitive Menus

Wayne Wallace





One of the best things about the latest versions of Windows is the pop-up menus that spring up when you right-click on an


object. Wayne Wallace shows how you can add this same capability to your Access 2002 applications.


And The Good News Is

Peter Vogel





In the rush to build Web applications, Access developers may have felt left behind. While it’s certainly possible to access your


data in a Jet or SQL Server database from a Web application, and while there are certainly ways to move ADO data back and


forth over the Internet, Access isn’t a Web development tool.Peter discusses this conundrum.


Using SQL-DMO to Handle Security in ADPs

Russell Sinclair





MSDE is a powerful, free version of SQL Server that you can make available to your users. In this issue, Russell Sinclair


introduces you to SQL-DMO—the SQL Server administrative programming library—and shows you how you can put it to use by


creating a security add-in for ADPs.


SQL Anywhere Studio 8

Danny J. Lesandrini





Is Microsoft SQL Server the natural follow-on to Microsoft Access? Danny Lesandrini investigates the possibilities of upsizing to


SQL Anywhere.


Integrating, Tagging, Printing, and Expanding

Peter Vogel



Access Answers


In this month’s Access Answers column, Peter Vogel looks at replacing perfectly good Access functions, having multiple utilities


share a control’s tag property, printing PDF files from Access reports, and the issues around creating an expanding/ contracting form. He also disappoints at least one reader.



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