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Smart Access Article Abstracts








Using Invisible Forms to Track Users

Tobi Hoffman





Migrating a project into the Citrix platform provided a workable environment for Tobi Hoffman’s company’s people nationwide


to access a single database, yet presented some unexpected challenges. Since Citrix forces all users into a single application, keeping track of users’ individual security clearances was almost impossible—until the application got a form that no one saw.


Coming Next: Access 11/XP

Peter Vogel





Microsoft has posted a white paper about what to expect in the next version of Access. For the past two years, we here at


Smart Access have been guessing about what you’d need to know next. Read more on Peters conclusions about this post.


Navigation Through Recursion

Christopher R. Weber





Knowing your way around your Access project is important for any developer. In this article, Christopher Weber demonstrates


his recursive query and the reporting techniques he uses to generate a tree navigation map of a database. Along the way, he


builds a reusable module that uses Access graphics to draw hierarchies in reports.


Crystal Reports 9’s Microsoft Access Repository

Gord Maric





Like many other products, Crystal Reports uses Microsoft Access under its hood. Gord Maric shows you how Crystal Reports


uses Access as a repository to build reports with shared components. With that information, you’re just one step away from


managing th


An Object-Oriented Speed Tip

Peter Vogel



Smart Tip


An Object-Oriented Speed Tip


Using Triggers

Russell Sinclair





Last month, Russell Sinclair explained the anatomy of triggers and how they work. In this month’s instalment of 'Working T-


SQL,' he shows you how to write triggers and how to put them to work in your database application.












Combining Tables

Peter Vogel



Access Answers


This month, Peter Vogel looks at reporting from two tables where one table overrides entries in the other table.



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