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Smart Access Article Abstracts








Understanding Access with the Workflow Designer for SQL Server

Mike Gunderloy





Microsoft offers more development tools than anyone can easily keep track of. Some of them even work with Access. In this


article, Mike Gunderloy takes a look at the little-known Workflow Designer for SQL Server, a part of the Microsoft Office XP


Developer package. Despite its name, this tool actually depends on Access for integration into your business processes.


Your Future

Peter Vogel





Peter writes about ADPs and SQL Server. "I firmly believe that most developers whose future doesn’t include ADPs aren’t


stupid or lazy or dinosaurs. They don’t look at ADPs for a simple reason: Jet works."


Data Modelling with Access and Visio

Scott McManus





The latest version of Visio-Visio 2002 for Access Database Developers-provides a data modelling and documentation tool for


Access database developers. The most exciting features of Visio 2002 handle some of the most mundane (and perhaps


neglected) parts of Access database development: documentation and design. Scott McManus is your guide.


Deleting Records, Reports, Data Design, and Reader Contributions

Peter Vogel



Access Answers




Peter Vogel answers a variety of questions cantered around deleting records in subforms, setting the RecordSource dynamically


in a report, and modeling data. He also gets some help from a reader and tells another to “Just Say No.”



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