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Smart Access Article Abstracts








Access: The .NET Report Writer

Danny J. Lesandrini





In the May 2002 issue of Smart Access, Danny Lesandrini showed how easy it is to migrate existing Access reports to the Web


using the ExportXML function of Access 2002. A little tinkering with this feature of Access has revealed its potential as a .NET re


Looking at .NET with T-SQL

Peter Vogel





Mary Chipman, who’s probably forgotten more about SQL Server than I can ever hope to know, wanted to make sure that we


send the right message about the future of T-SQL. Peter writes about this and .Net in his editorial.


Processing E-mail Orders Using Outlook and Access

Scott McManus & Garry Robinson





Garry Robinson and Scott McManus show how they accepted orders placed for their company’s software through an online


ordering system. With some Access code that links to Outlook, they process those orders automatically.












Excel: Data Entry for Access?

Scott McManus





For your users who feel more comfortable inputting data in a spreadsheet environment, Scott McManus shows you how to


take an Excel spreadsheet and turn it into a data entry form for Access complete with data verification and error checking. By


combining Automation, Excel templates, and Excel’s data validation option, you can have the same control over users’ input as you would in Access using lookup tables, relationships, and rules.


Calculating the Median

Peter Vogel



Access Answers


In this column Peter Vogel answers just one query-but it’s a good one. Along the way, he demonstrates how to 'think in SQL.'



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