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Access Interfaces: Creating Paired Listbox Controls, Part 1

Rebecca Riordan





Presenting a pair of ListBox controls to the user and allowing the user to move an item from one to the other is a popular and


effective user interface technique. Microsoft Access doesn’t provide any intrinsic controls for performing this, but as Rebecca
demonstrates this month, it’s easy to create linked ListBox controls and base them on a single table, two tables, or even data created at runtime.


Spam Killers

Peter Vogel





What is it about spam that makes smoke come out of my ears?


How to Avoid an Access 2003 Sandbox Storm

Garry Robinson





Just because you’re not upgrading to Access 2003 doesn’t mean that someone won’t try to open your data with Access 2003


installed on their computer. After a potentially disastrous experience with Access 2003’s new security, Garry Robinson learned


how to deal with the new "features"–and how to write Access applications so that they'll avoid the new security restrictions that Access imposes.


Real-World Access Security

Danny J. Lesandrini





For months I looked forward to the arrival of this new book. When I finally got a copy, I devoured it in a single weekend and I


wasn’t disappointed with what I read. Garry Robinson’s new book is a must have for all serious Access developers: This 492-page book is well worth its $59.99 list price. Here, Danny Lesandrini offers his review.


Becoming an Access Groupie Handling groups of controls

Doug Steele



Access Answers


This month, Doug Steele gathers together several questions around handling groups of controls to provide alternative solutions


to a common problem. I have a number of controls on my form that I need to be able to make visible or not depending on


what’s happening in the program logic. Is there an easier way than having a whole series of VBA statements, one per control?

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