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Data modelling for the Access newcomer, Part 1

Glenn Lloyd





Thorough, thoughtful, and accurate data modelling should be the starting point of detailed database design. But a surprising


number of developers have little or no understanding of data modelling and shy away from what looks like a non-profitable and


time-consuming task. Glenn Lloyd looks at the typical design pitfalls that trap Access beginners and shows the basic techniques that ensure success.


Simplifying queries

Russell Sinclair





Rather than define every query that your users might require, why not let your users make up their queries as they need them -


Provided that they are not going to be overwhelmed by the options available to them. Russell Sinclair discusses how to create a simplified query interface for Access users.


All in the family

Doug Steele



Access Answers


In this article, Access MVP Doug Steele, aims to solve this dilemma and other family issues with just a query or two. "How can you concatenate the names of the family head from one record, the spouse's name from another record plus all of the children records and show them in a single line"


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