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Peter Vogel

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petervogel After 10 years of editing Smart Access, Peter continues to develop with Access (though he also does a lot of .NET stuff). Peter is also still editing other people's article--he even self-published a book on writing user manuals ("rtfm*") with a blog here.


Articles Online Include


Simplifying Complex SQL

Access Database Performance

Handling Visual Complexity

Managing Access from .Net

Build Word 2003 Docs with XML

Access 2003 and XML

Querying a Customer Survey Table

The Trouble with Normal  & Parts 2-5 Normalization and Management Advice

Effective User Manuals

Six Rules for Effective User Interface Design

Access User Interface Design

SQL Without Joins

Advanced ADO Data Providers

Objects for the Database Developer

Peter Comes to Bat

File Open Dialog Options

Everything Doesn't Happen at Once: Loosely Coupled Events

Accessing ADO

SubQueries to the Rescue


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